The Weekend Couldn't Feel Any Better!

Happy Friday everyone! 
I have been working for 2 weeks straight now, 
and I am sooooooooo looking forward to this weekend off! 
I hope you all have the weekend off too! 
I can't wait to catch up on all your lovely blogs.

I have only one link for you this week... 
It's a wonderful short article about ways of dealing with our own negativities. I had a particularly hard week this week, and when I reflect back over it, it was all my own doing. Read this, if you're interested in this kind of thing, it really resonated with me. 



  1. gorgeous photos! happy weekend to you too! breathe. enjoy. : )

  2. that looks sublime...a warm rock in the sun would be wonderful!...enjoy your weekend!

  3. enjoy the time off! what industry do you work in? that's a long stint!

  4. Lovely peaceful photos.... hope the weekend proves to be just that!

  5. I will def read that article...and so glad you get a chance to chill this w/e...make the most of it!

  6. Hello, new to your blog, you have very lovely photos and I find your blog very soothing! lol. I'm going to explore it a little more! Hope you have a great weekend! Come stop by my blog sometime :)

  7. gorgeous photos! thanks for coming by my blog- I'm glad I found yours as well:) consider me your newest follower.
    enjoy the weekend! it sounds like it is much deserved:)

  8. I will totally read this article right now and those photos have such a calming effect on me. Thanks, darling! Happy Tuesday


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