The Little Gas Tank Trick...

Have you ever pulled into a gas station in a rental car (or even your own car) and had to stick your head out of the window to check which side the gas tank is on???

Well, did you know there's a little arrow right on your dashboard that tells you?

or it might look like this.....

Isn't that cool! I personally never knew there was another way (aside from the head-out-the-window technique!)

ps: thanks Angela for showing us this!


  1. Oh my goodness I didn't know that. Thanks!

  2. Woah... I had no idea! I'll remember this ;)

  3. Holy shit. This just changed my life. Seriously, traveling at least 3 weekends a month, I always ending up renting cars and getting screwed because i always guess the wrong side of the car at the gas station and have to turn around... AWESOME : )
    it's the small things in life...

  4. My mind is blown. Thanks Vanessa!

  5. Ha! I had no idea:) Thanks for the tip, darling. xo

  6. Hm! I never noticed this! I will have to share this with my husband... he forgets EVERY single time!

  7. "thats quite a handy tip" - Sean P. Bailey

  8. I didn't know this! I'll check out if my car have something like this (maybe european cars are different?)


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