New Music: Xavier Rudd...

Oh Xavier, how I love your soulful lyrics, your mellow moods and your eternal summer.
Please never stop making your beautiful music.

The new album, Spirit Bird, is out now, and I have a feeling it's going to be the soundtrack to a great summer.

Here's a taste:

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  1. love him! : ) happy almost friday

  2. love his music, the video and the cover art is so so good

  3. Love it!!!!
    Sorry it's been so long for me to check back into your blog. I feel like a terrible blogger... But i'm glad to be back!! Have been enjoying reading your recent posts, btw. Thanks for sharing this song with us too.
    Love your blog!! I'll be back to check in again asap.
    Maria xx

  4. Totally sounds like summer! I love it!


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