It's Thursday and I'm Thankful...

Today is Thursday and I'm thankful because the weekend is almost here.
But I am also feeling thankful because...

  • My parents are flying up north next week to visit us! We don't get many visitors up here in the great white north (not when a flight from Montreal costs $2000!), so I'm very, very excited.
  • That I have three beautiful orchids in my home - and all three of them are in bloom right now. (and thank you, Alex, for plant-sitting while we were away)
  • For the milder weather we've been having lately, which has allowed Zac and I to finally venture out of the house more often.
  • And finally for my breasts - yes, my breasts - for producing enough milk (despite my doubts) to feed my rapidly growing boy. I've done a fair amount of complaining about the difficulties of breastfeeding, so today it's time to feel positive about it. When I look at Zac's chubby thighs, his double chin, or his fat little feet I feel very proud. I did that! These barely-B cups did that! So thank you, girls ; )


Zachary, King of the Green Bumbo Chair!

I was really excited when I got this huge box in the mail. "It's Zac's Bumbo chair!" I exclaimed. It's kind of lame how exciting this was for me... I really need to get out more.

But anyway I immediately plopped Zac inside it (more like squished him in... he has really chubby thighs), and his first reaction was of definite uncertainty. "What are you doing to me, mom", was the look I got. And he quickly slumped over and had trouble getting back up.

But on day two, he is really getting the hang of it.

And he seems pretty pleased with himself too.

 And now Zac can sit with us at meal-time, at eye level. He loves it.

ps: my son has the fattest feet on the planet! Even his toes are fat!

And in other developmental news...
Zac rolled over for the first time! 
Aaaannnd I caught it on video. 
I'm really embarrassed to post it though, because of my hideous squealing baby voice in the background cheering Zac on, but I'll share it anyway because I'm so darn proud of him. 
(maybe listen to it on mute!)

ok that's all the baby news for now!

New Music: Iron and Wine...

(image credit)

I've been an Iron and Wine fan for several years now, so naturally I'm very excited about the new album, Ghost on Ghost, coming out April 15th.

And yesterday I got to listen to the first track, Grace for Saints and Ramblers, and I really like it. It's such a big change from the old Iron and Wine style. Much more uppity and percussion-y (if you can say that). I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.
Have a listen below...


Incredible Blueberry Sour Cream Muffins

I thought I'd share my recipe for the delicious sour cream blueberry muffins I made for brunch this weekend. I hadn't planned on posting about them, so I didn't take proper photos... but I'm posting it anyway because they really were that good : )

read on for the recipe...


Portlandia on Parenting books...

Have you seen this episode of Portlandia?
It's kind of sad but true, and made me laugh in spite of myself.


Weekend Moments: Brunch & an accordion. What?!

What a fun weekend we had up north!

On Saturday morning I had some girlfriends over for brunch. 
Zac decided to be the best baby ever and slept all morning while I baked up a storm. 
He woke up just after we finished eating, just in time for everyone to play with him and marvel at his cuteness.
; )

I made blueberry sour cream muffins, red pepper & feta cheese quiche, and crispy oven-baked hash browns. I still can't believe that I pulled it all off too. I haven't really baked much since Zac was born, never mind hosted a full meal. It was wonderful! I felt like a normal person again.

But the best part about the brunch was that my friend Alex brought over her accordion!
Yes, an accordion. 
An instrument she just randomly decided to learn to play a few months ago. We all took turns with it, and as turns out, an accordion is a lot of fun to play.

My home was instantly transformed into a 1930's Parisian bistro.

On Sunday the weather was mild, so we bundled Zac up really well and took him for a ride in the sled. Well more like a nap in the sled for Zac and a walk for us. Either way it was beautiful out. 
Kind of a sweet tease of Spring weather to come.

You could hardly tell there was a baby in there, he was so bundled-up!

We also got a lot of projects done around the house. We set up Zac's nursery and finally got him to sleep in his crib for the first time. 
We are slowly gaining our bed (and our lives) back ; )

I hope you had a marvellous weekend.


Baby naps in icy cold weather...

Yesterday my husband said to me, "do you realize you haven't been outside in three days?"
And then I cried. I hadn't realized, actually, but now that I realized I felt pretty depressed about it!

It is just so hard to take a baby out in this arctic weather. 
It takes so much preparation and bundling, and Zac cries throughout the whole process making it seem rather pointless and exhausting.

But reading this post yesterday inspired me to make more of an effort to get outside.
It's true, the hardest part of Canadian winters is not the cold itself, but the amount of time we are forced to stay indoors.

So we did it.
Yesterday we got outside.
And guess what? Within a few minutes, Zac fell into a deep sleep in the carrier, and I got to soak up some gorgeous sunshine (albeit some rather cold sunshine). And we stayed out for a really long time... and all the while the little guy remained fast asleep. 

Want to hear something fascinating?
Parents in Nordic countries frequently leave their babies to nap outside in their prams in sub-zero temperatures! According to this BBC article, it's common to see rows of prams lined up in the snow outside daycares and coffee shops (while parents sip lattes indoors!).
They believe that babies will actually nap longer in the cold.

(photo credit: Jenny Brandt, BBC News Magazine)

Now their "sub-zero" temperatures are not nearly as sub-zero as the temperatures I'm faced with every day, but still I might give this a try once it gets a bit milder out in the Spring ; )

Little Katie and her cute little knitted sleep sac

My friends Meaghan and Blake just welcomed their daughter Katie into the world. 
And these first few photos are too precious not to share.

Their friend Jacquie made them the most adorable knitted sleep sac.
It's the most perfect newborn item I've seen.
She looks like a cozy little pea in a pod.

If and when I have a second baby, I will definitely be putting him/her in one of these!
(I guess I need to learn how to knit first!)

Congrats again Meaghan & Blake - she's absolutely beautiful!

(Photos by Kayley Morris)


The ridiculous world of baby sleep (and is it really so bad to breastfeed your baby to sleep?)

So I realize this topic of baby sleep troubles and whether or not it's ok to breastfeed your baby to sleep is not for everyone.
So if this kind of thing interests you, read on after the jump...


Let's get Graphic...

I've decided that I need a graphic cardigan for spring. 
My closet is so full of boring old solid colours. 
This is just what the doctor ordered.

And while we're at it... 
these strappy flats + an adorable romper = absolute springtime perfection!
(although I'd like to see me try to attempt nursing in that. ha! But still, such a cute outfit)

From Madewell

Mad Men Season 6 - Are you ready?!

 It's back! 
On April 7th, that is.
I for one am very, very excited!

Do you like Mad Men?
Will you be watching?

(photos via amctv)


Back up north and it's like I have a new baby

So we are back in the north again today, and surprise surprise it's FREEZING out!
But despite the cold, it feels good to be back.
It's so peaceful up here.

And I don't know what it is about hitting that 3 month mark, but my boy has become an entirely different person. And so entirely loveable and enjoyable for once! 
Don't get me wrong, I always loved and enjoyed him, but man was he grumpy! And it seems like he's suddenly mellowed out. For one, he's sleeping a lot more... still not through the nights, but definitely improving!

 I wish you a beautiful start to your week.


This week in pictures...

1. I inherited my old Raffi records from when I was a kid : )
2. Why on earth have I been living without a baby monitor?! This is so much better than tip-toeing into the bedroom to check on him every now & then.

3. Zac is making strides in his ability to reach & grasp this week.

 4. Random hand pictures.

5. Lunch at Atwater Market
6. I think my little boy is teething. He is trying to chew and drool on everything!

7/8. Valentine's Day dinner & dessert... the dear hubby cooked me a delicious dinner of herb-encrusted roast lamb and rosemary potatoes. Such a sweetie : )

And speaking of Valentines... my little one has his own valentine this year, and her name is Sophie the giraffe. He has been engaging in some serious make-out sessions with her too.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Love is all you need...

Given that today is Valentines Day, I think it's the perfect time to give thanks for all the love in your life.
I feel so lucky to have two wonderful men in my life, both who love me unconditionally.
My wonderful husband - who has told me he loves me every day for the last 7 years, 
and my beautiful baby boy - who breaks out into the most heart-warming smiles whenever he sees me.

Having a baby definitely changes a relationship. It adds all kinds of new stresses, but it also brings you closer. Much closer. I think we've grown so much stronger as a couple in the last few months because of it.

Oh and speaking of romantic love....

My husband and I went on our first "date" the other day since Little Z was born. 

I say "date" because it was just an hour long visit to Starbucks!

You see we are nervous new parents who mistakenly believe that the world will fall apart if we leave our baby alone with someone else for too long.

Still it was great to be just the two of us again... even just for an hour.
(And ironically, although we totally enjoyed our whip-heavy frappuccinos in a cry-free environment, we found ourselves talking about Zac most of the time.)

Baby steps : )

Happy Valentine's Day!


Hello Spring - from Emerson Fry

Oh isn't it all so lovely?!

Spring 2013 Preview from Emerson Fry

Goodbye Ocean, So Long Sunshine

We leave Florida today... back to the cold, back to real life, back to work for my hubby. 
Oh if only vacation could last forever!

We've had such a wonderful time here.

We took Zac to the ocean for the very first time. He watched his first sunset. It was so beautiful. 
And it had a very calming effect on him. 
He loved watching the waves, or maybe it was the light flickering off of them. 
And I loved watching them with him.

First times are so precious.

So long ocean.... until next time : )
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