Summer style...

^^ this may be all you need ^^

^^ Love this look of shorts & sandals, with a long sleeved sweater... perfect for those in between days^^

^^ Perhaps the perfect summer travelling bag ^^
(I just always oooh & ahhh over this kind of soft, buttery leather)

 ^^ love this skirt... makes me want to quit my maternity leave and go back to work early.... but on second thought, summer's coming, so never mind that crazy idea! ^^

*All images/clothes from Madewell*


  1. Blue and white are ny go to for summer. Love the skirt!
    Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  2. i love those shorts!! bring on summer!

  3. who says moms with babes in arm can't dress in beautiful clothes. As long as they are washable !


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