Weekend Moments up north...

Although today is a holiday for all my fellow Canadians, my husband has to work today, so it feels like a regular Monday morning around here. But that's ok... we had a lovely weekend together and I am feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle another week.

Saturday was warm and sunny, so we strapped Zac to my husband's back (a.k.a. Zac in a pack) and went out exploring the woods. 

The warm weather up north also means the black flies will be making their unwelcome appearance shortly. But at least they weren't out yet so we were safe... for now. 

We enjoyed a candlelight filet mignon dinner on Saturday night. We eat almost exclusively vegetarian up here, so this was a pretty rare occurrence for us. Partly because you can't really buy good meat in the north (most people hunt their own).... except for every few months when "the meat man" makes the 1500km trip up from Montreal and sells good quality stuff to us hungry northern folks ;)

and a few other randoms from the weekend...

I hope your weekend was refreshing too, 
and a happy Monday to you :)


  1. LOVE that sleeping photo of Zac in the pack :) Happy Monday!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend!

    Have a great week :)

  3. Oh my goodness, Zac in a pack is CUUUUTE! What a wonderful looking weekend!

  4. Zac in a pack is adorable! (And catchy name!) Things look lovely up North, great photos.


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