Weekend drive to see the fall colours, one last time

We fly back to Montreal today, and we'll be gone from the north for 3 weeks. When we return, it will probably feel like winter. Autumn, like summer, is short-lived up here. So you have to make the most of it while it lasts. 

So while Adrien was at work and Zac at daycare for the morning,  I decided to venture out alone...
and I drove out to the middle of nowhere (easily found up here!) to take a few final pictures of the taiga in all its fiery glory.

I while I was out in the middle of nowhere, I ran into a native elder who was doing the same thing as me (though without a camera). He started telling me about some other beautiful spots, including his favourite one where he was planning to camp out for the weekend. I stayed and talked with him for what seemed like an eternity. I kept thinking I should give him space, but every time there was a pause in our conversation, he would start telling me another story. 
It was a lovely, unexpected interaction, and it reminded me why I love living and working in the far north so much. It truly is a remarkably unique experience up here, and I feel very lucky to be having it.

And now that my cup is filled with that rare and wild northern beauty, I am SO READY to be home in my gorgeous city of Montreal!!


  1. Wow so beautiful Vanessa! Thanks for the refreshing outing!

  2. I know what you mean. Gorgeous pictures ! Thanks for sharing. xx

  3. unbelievable beauty in the northern landscape

  4. Awww..swoon! Those colours are stunning and what a beautiful way to capture autumn:) Glad you had a wonderful morning and have a great trip! xoxo

  5. you're getting here right in time for our awesome heat wave ;)


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