Small Balcony Ideas

I'm in the process of getting my balcony and garden ready for the summer, and I've been looking up decorating ideas for small outdoor spaces. Here are some fun things I love....
A small bench fits in so nicely and makes for a lovely breakfast nook  (via apartment therapy)
This balcony was lined with fabric... it's charming!

Below... great ideas from Ikea: 
Solar lights, colourful plant pots that hang off balcony railings, outdoor pillows, material potting bags, and wooden outdoor flooring to hide ugly cement.

Stone mat flooring from the Urban Balcony

And of course, a balcony would not be complete without a little veggie & herb garden! (These are the cherry tomatoes I grew last year).
Now enough dreaming and on to some actual doing!


  1. Have you come across any ideas for hiding those ugly bars on patios? I am in need of something and am leaning towards bamboo...but only because I lack other ideas. Help :)

  2. I know, I have the same problem.
    The fabric idea is nice, but I imagine it would get sun-bleached and uglied by the rain pretty quickly. Bamboo is a great idea. Or you could put up some trellis and grow climbing plants up those ugly bars!

  3. I think maybe bamboo and plants. Like a mini jungle :). Thanks!!! xoxoxo, T

  4. virtual "window shopping" seems like a fun thing to do :) best of luck with your future balcony!

  5. I love the stone matting! Warm stone under foot makes me think of being by the pool on holiday in the would be so nice to be reminded of that every time I stepped onto my balcony :)

  6. One word: ASTROTURF!

  7. Love the stone flooring concept! Caroline


Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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