Lady Grey Up North

In July of 2011, my husband and I packed up our Ford Escape and embarked on a 1400km move to a small native reserve in northern Quebec. Both of us just out of our residency in family medicine, we set out to start working in a small remote hospital in search of a more adventurous medical experience.

We still have our apartment in Montreal, and visit all the time.... but the north has truly become our new home. We were provided with an adorable little apartment, from which we get to see the most incredible sunsets and of course, the aurora borealis.

Living in such a remote area means that we don't have access to the same little luxuries that I always took for granted in Montreal.... like bakery bread, fresh herbs and produce, and being able to go shopping whenever I like (it's been quite the adaptation living somewhere where you can't really buy anything!). So I've started baking my own bread, and growing herbs in my windowsill, sprouting, and even making my own kombucha tea.
(Oh and doing a fair bit of online shopping as well!)

The vast wilderness has turned us into little foragers too, we pick wild berries and wild mushrooms and store them away for the winter.

It's truly an adventure every single day up here.

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