Pillow Talk

I've been keeping my eye out for new throw pillows for my apartment. Etsy is so full of amazing artists and there are literally thousands of gorgeous pillows to choose from. 
So far I've just skimmed the surface, but here are a few that I absolutely fell in love with...

A pair of pear pillows by pillowhappy... these are simply too cute for words!

I adore the detail in these unique pillows from Little Whimsy Hollow. So sweet!

and I love these silkscreen printed cotton pillows by Joom

These fabulous patchwork pillows by a stitch in dye are so sweet. They remind me of growing up in the country. 
I love and want them all!


  1. i think a pear pillow would look lovely, although i hope its not scented, people might try to take a bite!

  2. I like the bird ones :) You can mix and match them in creative ways I think. It is great how many creative people are out there, and etsy is such a fabulous way to get their work noticed and bought!

  3. Wow there are a lot of pillows to choose from. I love the screen printed ones. Ah the birds :)

  4. I love the patchwork pillows! They're gorgeous (all of them!).

  5. Oh those pear pillow look like fun!

    I loves cushions and pillows they really make a chair, sofa or indeed room! :-)

  6. I think I like the pear pillows best. They're adorable!

  7. I've seen the pears; 2 cute!

    I also like the flower pot pillow.
    It would look sweet on a patio.

  8. The birds in gray would be my pick. Those pear pillows are pretty fun though.

  9. I LOVE those pear pillows and the one with the face of the flower covering the whole thing! Wow, gorgeous.


Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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