Club Monaco Accessories

Have you been inside Club Monaco lately? They have a truly gorgeous accessories collection this spring/summer. 


There were so many more that I saw in the store but couldn't find pictures of. I didn't actually buy any of them though, because I kept thinking I could make that myself .... (ex: that adorable metal flower brooch).... Of course I doubt that will ever happen! Does anyone else do that?!


  1. Yes these are gorgeous i especially love the clutch, the tie dye fabric,

  2. I do that all the time...J.Crew rosettes, embroidered tea towels, the list goes on...

    Loving the tie dye clutch, gorgeous color!

  3. OMG Vaness!!! I do that all the time too! lol. Im constantly picking items up, and thinking to myself.... I can totally make this myself. Id love to have a fully stocked craft corner to make all these great projects.

  4. If I did do that (oh I could make that myself!) we might have a lot more money....:)


Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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