Dresses are the only clothes I want to wear in the hot, muggy summer

Feeling the warm breeze flow over your entire body as you walk down the street in a light, flowy dress.... why would anyone wear anything else?!
(unless you're a male... then I guess I understand.... but feel sorry for you!)
images from Anthropologie

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  1. Well, we have shorts. Including those of the boxer variety.


  2. i agree! dresses just make me happier :)

  3. These dresses are so adorable i love the #1,
    hey could you test the html code you sent,it's not working may be i am doing something wrong~thanks a lot for adding mine
    much love Deepali

  4. Me too! I ONLY wear dresses or skirts.

    I just bought my first pair of shorts in probably ten years- they are super short kinda 'fancy' JCrew ones- not your everyday type- I thought they would look good with espadrilles-have not worn them yet.

  5. I love dresses. Oh and I saw SATC 2 and I liked it. I mean, it could've been better but I still liked it :).

  6. I suppose you're right, Ren.... boxers are a good alternative ; )

  7. I love all of these. Esp the second to last! Hotness!

  8. thats pretty much all i wear in summer too! these are lovely.

  9. I love that crossed bodice dress...I've been eye-ing it for a few months now :)

    True story: I drive to Anthropologie every month to pick up a catalog.

  10. As I scrolled through, I thought 'I want every one of these dresses!' Then I saw they're from Anthro, and everything made sense...I have such a weakness for their clothes!


Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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