The Homemade Frappuccino Experiment

My husband tried to create a frappuccino the other day using cold coffee, milk & ice cubes. But when he blended it all together, the coffee was too weak and diluted by all the ice. Which got me thinking.... 

What about coffee ice cubes?
Would be a great way to use up left over coffee...
So here's what I did.... blended a cup of milk with 7-10 coffee ice cubes, and 1-2 tbs sugar (or however sweet you like it!)
And Voila, a non-diluted homemade frappuccino!
yum! yum!


  1. YUM. Through experiments we find perfection :)

  2. great idea- now if only I had ice trays- I got rid of them all since my fridge makes it's own (not sure how- never asked it).

  3. the problem is I would drink them all day like it was water. it looks like a divine coffe shake.mmmmmm

  4. i love your way of thinking. : ) yum!

  5. That ice cube idea is awesome! Never even considered this!

  6. Genius! I'm so trying this post-baby - once I'm back on caffeine!

  7. That's very clever!!!


Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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