I feel so happy for Sarah

I feel like I was raised on Sarah. 
All my high school heartaches were soothed by Sarah. When I first moved out on my own I used to fall asleep listening to Sarah. Sarah sung the soundtrack to my life.

And now after so many years, and her own heartaches, she's back with a beautiful new album and I couldn't be happier for her. She sounds better than ever!

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  1. I've listened to her music for a while as well, but really only got into her last year.

    Also, great job on this blog! I can't stop looking at your "In the kitchen" section. I want to make it all. :P


  2. Sarah McLachlan rules!! She's back? Awesome!! Yeah I feel like I was raised on her too. When "Building a mystery" came out I was sold. I'll make sure to check out the new stuff!!

  3. I just heard about her new album and can't wait to hear it. She is one of my favorites!

  4. oh, i loved sarah too. how's the new album? i really wanted to go to lilith fair this summer. i should still try to make that happen.

  5. aw thanks, Ren, you're so sweet : )

  6. Love a few of her songs. She's stayed true to herself and not sold out to popular music.

  7. Everything you said about her is exactly how I feel about her. I feel like her music has been such a major soundtrack to my life. Her voice is so soothing to me. I am also so happy to be listening to some new music of hers again.


  8. Yay, Amanda! I missed you on the blog ; )

  9. The first time i heard Sara was when Jamie came up from Connecticut for the first time (to meet me in person) 11 years ago. "Closer" was one of the CD's he had with him (i was shocked -- this tough guy had a huge romantic side)...

    Loved Sarah then; and love her music now.

  10. Sarah can do no wrong! Have you heard the Rarities/B-side album? This is my favorite song on it, a little depressing but her voice blends so well with his:


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