Lady Grey's Top Ten Ways to Embrace the Summer

1. Make a daisy crown

2. Jump in a lake... or pool, or pond, or anything you got now.

3. Make homemade iced tea or support a local lemonade stand

4.  Walk barefoot in the grass

5. Put the hairdryer down and let your hair dry au naturel in the summer breeze

6. Go on a picnic with some friends

7. Pick a wild flower bouquet

8. Go camping, or just sleep outside under the stars one night in your own back yard

9. Make salad suppers and try out new greens like mache, watercress, lambsquaters and dandelion

10. Throw down a blanket and gaze at the passing clouds, and then have a nice long summer's nap!

It's hard to pick only 10 ways to embrace the summer...
honourable mentions to: painting your toenails a funky colour, highlighting you hair naturally by soaking it in lemon juice and letting it dry in the sun, playing in the sprinkler, or having a water fight...
Oh I could go on & on!
Do you have any summertime rituals?


  1. well I do like your list but I can see how this list could grow to a million (easily)

  2. such a wonderful list!!! well, I have to add, listening to bird songs, gazing up at leaves on the trees, lunch in the backyard while the kids play, popsicles, wearing flip flops....such a great blog!! keep it up.

  3. oh you're so right.... those are fabulous suggestions!

  4. Great summer ideas! That salad looks yummy! Have a great day!

  5. Ahh, Glorious Summer!(exclamation to infinity)

    My fave thing to do is simple: Every morning I go outside with my cup of coffee and take a yard walk in barefeet. I go from garden to garden and deadhead and pull a weed here and there. I pinch the lavender and thyme....GAH. Heavenly scents. I ♥ summer sooo much.

  6. I'm so glad that summer is here. Finally! I'm in Texas and summer isn't official until you have your first shaved ice! Yum.


  7. I love every item of your list! Mmmm, homemade iced tea - it's been so long...

    For me, summer is not complete until I've watched some dazzling fireworks!

  8. Thank you so very much for dropping by and leaving a comment on the "give back" post. It took me hours to write it and thank you for the things you are doing to help.

  9. Wish my hair looked that good un-blown! I have to do mine everyday otherwise I look like crazy lady ;-) But lovin' that salad, think i might steal some of those ingredients! Yum!

  10. fabulous list - if only it would stop raining her, I could indulge..

  11. I love this post!! The daisy crown is my favorite :)

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