Oh you know, just hanging around looking fabulous

Sometimes I think I like Anthropologie catalogs just for the photography. 
Ok that's a big lie. I love the clothes too. How could I not... have you seen the July catalog?  If you haven't, here are some of the fashion ( & photographic) highlights.
(All images from Anthropologie)


  1. i love the soft feel to these images. i am so happy that anthropologie has opened here in london, its probably one of my favorite stores now :)

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  3. Photography is art, very difficult to my view. Love the soft foggy feel to the images.Lovely post reminding us how important is to know how to PRESENT things that we wish others to take interest to, be it for sale or pure amusement.
    ps: wrote too fast..

  4. It's very true, presentation is SO important. : )

  5. oh these photos and the styling are fabulous!


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