Open Up The Heavens, Make It Rain

The weather report called for "severe thunderstorms". I should have checked it before going out this morning, since I got caught in a torrential downpour today. All of a sudden the sky turned black and dark clouds rolled in. Crazy lightning and thunder.... and I ran home (stopping under random doorways to take a few photos), and the whole time I had this Tom Waits song playing in my head... "open up the heavens, make it rain".
I just love summer storms, don't you?


  1. Wow those clouds look fierce!! Great pics!

    I love storms when they're really electric and full on however right now I really want summer! :-) It's really sunny today in Sydney, it looks like summer but it's not, it's really cold, humph! Can you tell I'm not a winter person! ;-)


  2. Great pics!
    It'n not easy to photograph clouds. It's tricky to choose the right exposure when using a reflex...
    Wonderful pictures!

  3. yep, they're awesome. travelling to thailand is amazing for it, almost on the hour every afternoon it opens up. great shots!

  4. we had a crazy storm here last night too. whenever the lightning flashed you could see the torrential rain for just a second, like a strobe light. i don't know why but i just felt like i was in a movie or something. anyway, those are some amazing clouds you captured!


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