Cute little Christmas ideas - happy December!

Happy first of December, folks! I'm feeling rather festive today, and I'm dreaming of how I might decorate my apartment for the holidays... 
If only I had more time to get all crafty....

I'd hang up rustic stockings,

And stuff winter greenery around my candles, like Martha Stewart.

Out in the country, I'd decorate the tree with vegetable seed packets 
(wouldn't that be great in a farmhouse?)

I'd thread green buttons into a mini wreath ornament,

And somehow I'd make this mini feather tree, just because it's adorable ; )
(above 4 images via Martha Stewart)

I'd wrap my presents in recycled paper and twine, and garnish them with a sprig of pine (I think this actually looks better than standard wrapping paper)

I'd frame a cork board and paint it white, for a stylish way of displaying Christmas cards.

If I didn't have a real tree, I would make one out of lights.

Oh I could go on & on.... there are so many great ideas out there.
Do you have any holiday decorating traditions?


  1. This year I am beginning a new tradition for the crumb ~ Advent socks! Yep, that's right...I found some really cute knee highs that I have stuffed with little goodies to open one per day of December. Just finished adding twinkly lights to her teepee and draped the socks on the outside 'door'. Can't wait to see her face in the morning.

  2. I just love the rustic stockings idea! I might do that :)

  3. Love these ideas! My favorite is the seed packets for ornaments! That is so me :) I like the greenery under the candles too. Great idea, especially if the candle is too small for the holder. I love decorating for Christmas. It is one the best things about the season for me. My husband came home the other day with like 20 poinsettias (they were like $1 each for black friday) Craziness, huh? I have a staircase and put them all up and down the ledge and it looks gorgeous and I put them in other places too. Anyway, I like decorating with natural greenery, berries, and pine cones. Its always love going out to collect my decor each year (and its free). Sorry for the long comment :) I also gave you the Stylish Blog award today. I don't know if you've received this yet, but you definitely have style and I had to give it to you!


  4. I love those cool ideas..I am planning to decorate our place this weekend:) I cant wait
    Kisses, my dear
    Happy 1st day of December

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful scarf GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas

  5. Great inspiration! I'm hoping to get some decor up this weekend!!

  6. These are such such cute ideas! I especially love the buttons for the mini-wreath, doable but super adorable :)

  7. So much good stuff here. The greenery around the candles is the most doable for me. I already have candle sticks just like that. I just need to find greens!

  8. Oh I love that first Christmas tree! Beautiful!

  9. yeah... i'd do all of that too... love the button wreath!

  10. I think i will try the button wreath with my kids!

  11. Ohh I LOVE the green button wreath!!! That is so cute!!!! I might have to do this! I love the feather tree too!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  12. Now I am getting excited! I haven't put up any decorations yet...

  13. these are all really cool, i especially love the tree:)

  14. oh my gosh! i love all of them....i am craving some craftiness in my life too! tis the season (-:

  15. I just LOVE that little button wreath! What an easy ornament :)

  16. Your blog is gorgeous! You have very good taste.


Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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