Homemade Miso Soup... For Breakfast

Soup may seem like an odd breakfast choice to many people, but miso soup has always been a part of a traditional Japanese breakfast. Miso soup for breakfast is also a mainstay in the macrobiotic diet.

And although it may take some getting used to, there is something so deeply satisfying about it.  It warms  and energizes the body (much more than a piece of toast will!). It is rich in protein and vitamins, and contains good bacteria that replenishes your protective intestinal flora.... all things which make it a pretty ideal breakfast food.

It's also really easy and quick to make.
 Read on for the very simple recipe...

Lady Grey's Basic Miso Soup
4 tbs miso paste
5 cups water
2 nori sheets, cut into 1-2 inch strips
2 green onions, sliced diagonally
1 package "firm" silken tofu, cut into small cubes

a pinch of sugar
a few squirts of tamari soy sauce

In a soup pot, heat the water over medium heat, and mix in the miso paste with a wooden spoon until dissolved. Cut your nori sheets into strips, then drop them into the soup, along with the green onions and tofu cubes. Stir gently to avoid breaking up the tofu. 
If desired, season with a few squirts of tamari and a pinch of sugar.
I let the soup cook on med-low heat for 5-10 minutes to allow the flavours to gel.

* I read somewhere that you shouldn't let your miso soup boil, since that kills the healthy bacteria.
* You can make it the night before, and store it in the fridge. It will keep for a few days.


  1. Hello.... My face is the face of envy right now!! lol... love the look of that soup!

  2. It looks very good but I just don't like eating the tofu. I love the rest of Miso soup tho so I usually eat around it! =) hehe

  3. I grew up thinking of soup as a breakfast item, so it seems quite normal to me. And your miso soup looks quite warm and delicious. Yum!

  4. For breakfast you say? Sounds good to me. Love miso soup! Thanks for the tip!

  5. Sounds delicious - I enjoy miso soup for breakfast sometimes, too - not as often as I should, though! I usually simmer the vegetables and other ingredients (ginger, seaweed, etc), then turn off the heat and wait a few minutes before adding the miso paste (just another method of keeping the beneficial bacteria intact) :)

  6. i really would like to start eating more japanese food and even chinese....sounds lovely to wake up to! xoxo

  7. I love miso soup :). I'm w/ Vic, Japanese diet is pretty damn awesome.

  8. Balazs and I love miso soup and eat it often...Thanks for the reminder..I should try out your recipe!!! Yum!

  9. oh this makes me feel so lazy, i just don't make things like this! but it looks so delicious! and i am lazy lately :)

  10. Great idea! Now if only I can find some bean paste in Italy.

    Wishing you a lovely week!

  11. ooo this looks sooo delicious! I will make this for sure and integrate it in to my tofu routine!! but a message from the naner make sure your tofu is non gmo! sunrise is a great company/brand!

  12. Karalee, your nanna is so cool!

  13. great idea! I have such a hard time eating anything in the morning and been trying to change this for years. miso soup might work. I love soups, and this one is light enough to have in the morning. I really liked having pho for breakfast when we were in Vietnam...

  14. This is funny - I am the queen of having the most random things for breakfast! Not a fan of sweets for breakfast so that rules out a lot!


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