For The Love Of Vintage Luggage

 I found these beauties in my in-laws basement and instantly fell in love. They were destined for the garbage so I happily adopted them! Apparently they belonged to my husband's great-grandmother.
Don't know what I'll do with them yet (any ideas?), but for now they look lovely stacked on top on my armoire.


  1. Oh so beautiful! I adore vintage luggage as well :)


  2. ooh, i love them! they're beautiful and it's awesome that they belong to your husband's great-grandmother.

  3. I like them so much too!!!! I say stack them in a corner for decoration!

  4. Gorgeous!! I feel like I've seen vintage suitcases modeled at the end of a bed, or even set up as a side table, but when there are more than two. I think on the armoire is a good idea!

  5. I'm simply obsessed with vintage suitcases!!! I'm planning to have a whole bunch as soon as I move and store stuff in them! :D Btw i just posted about suitcases too... I'm loving some of the vintage inspired new pieces too! :D

  6. O they are lovely! you are a lucky lady! last summer i made a coffee table out of an old suit case, it looks great but it is really hard to make them stable! :) i want to make a low a chair out of the next great one i find!

    i also want to make a cat bed out of a 1/2 one day!

    now all you need in cat! :)

    lots of love!

  7. What a great save/find I love free things that have history and sentimental value-

  8. do you guys have pets? make a doggy/kittie bed?
    otherwise... hmmm plant something in them?


Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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