..........Serious Cuteness in the Kitchen..........

I've decided to go on a virtual shopping spree for my kitchen.  
And I've completely fallen in love with the adorable accessories from Anthropologie (big surprise, right?!). Here's what I've picked out...

This sweet embroidered tea towel  (which I've been in love with ever since I saw it here)
 and this dainty cake stand...
a textured table runner...
 these unique measuring cups (or should I say measuring mugs)
 this stylish apron...
 these formal silverware measuring spoons....

 ..... and a wide selection of funky serving bowls. 
I'm under the firm belief that one can never own enough serving bowls!
Cooking is so much more enjoyable when the materials you use to make and serve your food in make you smile.

All images from Anthopologie


  1. it is crazy how much i always love everything from there!

  2. anthro does not disappoint eh? cute finds.

  3. Im so smitten with those measuring cups! They are fantastic. Happy Tuesday, sweetie

  4. Love the brooch, so cute! What do you think about following each other? :)

  5. Gorgeous, all of it! Oh, how I love Anthropologie's kitchen accessories...

  6. I am craving a cake stand lately, I hardly bake so I really have no reason, they're just darn cute. Anthro has THE BEST everything!!

  7. anthropologie always has the cutest things - i love the fish bowl!

  8. Oh wow...this makes me want to get new everything for my kitchen

  9. I saw those funky measuring cups at Anthropologie in NYC last summer and loved them. I might have to pick them up when I am there in April!

  10. So pretty! I'm kind of dreading when Anthropologie opens up here. Gulp. I'm broke just thinking about it.

  11. Rockin' apron and gorgeous serving bowls!

    Just wanted to let you know that I passed on the Stylish Blogger Award to you. Come See!

    Rambles with Reese

  12. A girl friend of mine got me cups that I love- I feel you- that store is so great it sucks.

  13. Super cute. All of it! Hey, did you know that Giada's husband is an Anthropologie designer? What a couple!

  14. Love alll this stuff too. I don't think I can go to anthro without spending at least an hour - first round clothes and second round all this glorious home stuff!


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