Weekend Moments: fun at Ikea and other redecorating adventures...

We behaved as a real married couple this weekend and went to Ikea. 
We needed a new carpet for our living room... that and, well you never know what else you'll find there, but you never leave empty handed (at least I never seem to!).

At Ikea, we picked out a carpet, as well as some adorable embroidered pillows, and a funky little ginseng plant.
I have a confession to make... I get really excited about eating at the cafe in Ikea. I don't know why. It's not that good, but for some reason I love it! 
We ate pineapple telapia... not bad for a cafeteria! It was tasty : )

So anyway, back home, I started setting up right away...
Here are the new additions to our living room:

Since I was in the reorganizing mood, I decided to tackle my gigantic collection of cookbooks, that keep messing up my kitchen. My dad made this custom shelf for me a while back, since I don't have enough counter space, but still insist on storing my cookbooks in my kitchen. Anyway I found these little bird statues at Zone, and I think they look pretty cute alongside the books.
I hope you had a great weekend and a love-filled Valentine's Day.


  1. Great finds! I must confess I like the Ikea cafeteria too. They have great coffee and desserts (and I used to love their Swedish meatballs when I was a kid!).

  2. lol, I also love Ikea food. I don't know what it is, but the restaurant is usually my first stop whenever I go there. too bad the mister doesn't like going there...

  3. i'm in love with weird places too! don't have an ikea around here i don't think but the food looked alright:) those pillows are pretty! i was just thinking about fluffy pillows the other day and how i wanted window benches in my house! love the living area. those books look fabulous! have a sweet day gorgeous!

    i haven't gotten around to asking you to make me a 220X73 button for my side bar...i switched it and now love the left sidebar and am sticking with just a 220 width! it can be bigger than the 73 if you like. if you have time lovely! xoxo

  4. Ikea makes me sooo happy. so does eating in the cafe and getting cheap coffee. ha.

    love your redecorations!!

  5. looks great! I haven't been to IKEA in years! I am probably due for a trip

  6. I love trips to ikea! The rug and pillows look great - they really add something to the room! I've never eaten at the cafe, but I get really excited for their yummy cinnamon buns....

  7. Im so glad that its not only me who likes the Ikea food:) Im also so excited to eat there...hahah Btw: I really want that plant now:) Its soooo lovely:) Hugs and kisses, sweetie
    Happy Tuesday

  8. Hubby & I call Ikea trips date night - we always eat there, we think it's pretty good!!
    P.S. I have the grey embroidered pillow & love it! It's a big, comfy size and the colors seem to blend with everything so far. Home updating is so much fun :)

  9. ok, i LOVE eating at the cafeteria there, i get the meatballs every time and its heaven!!

  10. Me and my hubs LOVE Ikea, too! We mostly love to just walk around when we're bored and have nothing else to do.

    I love your decorating! And pineapple tilapia?? yum!

  11. Hey Vanessa!
    Love the little arrows you've been placing on your photos and the new font you chose!

    Very you!

  12. I'm obsessed with Ikea. It's not just you dear that has to leave there with something! I love the new carpet & the pillows are beautiful! =)

    Melanie's Randomness


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