I want you!

Ok so I realize that I just bought my camera only 2 years ago, and I feel grateful and very lucky to have it.... but I really, really, really want the new Canon T3i.

With it's sexy swivel-y screen, and amazing picture & video capacity.... I think we'd make a wonderful pair.

Big sigh.

In other technological news, how cool is the iPad2?
ridiculously cool.


  1. i get camera envy all the time. just got my 60d and i lustttt over so many others(:

  2. if only i had $1100....i hear ya girl!

  3. The ipad 2 looks great! Everyone who just bought the first one recently would be kicking themselves...

  4. I woulnd't mind having it either :) hehe

    GIVEAWAY (as seen on at Illustrated-Moodboard

  5. That is one pretty camera:) Enjoy your day, darling

  6. Have you ever worked with a Nikon? Do you prefer Canon? Curious as we've heard mixed reviews. Great blog btw!

    Secondhand Star

  7. You know, I realized this weekend on my trip when 2 girls had ipads (i think actually 4 had ipads, but only 2 brought them) that it is SUCH a handy thing to have. I decided on my trip that I needed one. First, when we were interviewing ppl at work 2 weeks ago, a guy brought his portfolio to show on his ipad (how handy is that?) and then on the trip, i realized how handy the damn thing is. Wifi - so much easier than navigating on a smartphone (or like me - an ipod touch) in the cottage or airport. add some apps... the possibility of skyping (on this new one i think right?) Yeah... i think i need one.

  8. oh shit, i forgot to comment on the camera....
    I have the T2i (which u might already have known) and I really like it. tho I already want a bigger badder camera... which is so sad because i havent finished paying this one off yet! but since this is the newer version of mine, i think its a good investment, im very happy with my camera (despite wanting better now)

  9. That camera is a sexy beast. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of those. ;)

  10. Yep, it's a sexy beast alright!

    You know, I wasn't overly excited about the iPAD, but the iPAD2 has got my hands itching.. I kinda want one of those.. *double sigh*


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