Road Trip: The Red Desert Mountains of Zion

Our southwest road trip continues... We've been in Zion, Utah for the last two days and we've completely fallen in love with this place.
One reader told me that Zion was a spiritual place for her. I whole-heartedly understand that now.

We've been doing a lot of hiking, and my legs are aching from all the climbing. But every time we set out on a new hike, the scenic rewards are beyond what we could have possibly expected.

Yesterday we hiked up to what is called "Angels Landing". It reminded me of the floating mountains in Avatar. You basically have to climb along this razor thin ledge with 1500 hundred foot sheer drops on both sides. It felt treacherous and absolutely exhilarating! 

See that paper-thin rocky edge in the picture below.... that's what we hiked across. A park ranger told me later that 4 people have died there in the last few years... yikes! I'm so glad I didn't know that before we set out!

Oh and one last thing about Zion...
we've been eating lots of delicious southwestern cuisine, and I learned something I didn't know about myself.... I LOVE fish tacos!!
We also tried this amazing jalapeno pepper beer, which we're really hoping to find again somewhere.

Well that's all for now...
next stop Grand Canyon.


  1. Your pictures are fantastic and make me long for sun!

  2. looks fantastic...I would be playing cowboys for sure. I too, love fish tacos and that beer sounds like something I would like too. The old west rocks! have fun!

  3. I love the grand canyon! If you're heading to Texas, lets meet up!
    It's a week of giveaways on A Taste of T

  4. Hey T, so wish we had time to visit Texas... but it'll have to be next trip!

  5. Oh my, you are much braver than I am!!! That little ledge you hiked along...yikes! Gorgeous pics, thanks for taking us along on your explorations!


  6. the one place i've never been is the desert. these photos make me want to change that asap!

    xo Alison

  7. Gorgeous... I did this road trip before and it was life-changing. Although I was alone and in desperate need of streamlining some destructive relationships ... Zion was a highlight. I remember thinking... "Oh, so this is nature's band-aid! Thank you glorious earth." It was a lovely moment.

    Thanks for reminding me.

  8. Wow..those photos took my breath away. I love them all so much! Glad that you are having a wonderful time, sweetie. I cant wait for the next post
    Hugs and kisses

  9. one of my fav places on earth- we've eaten at that restaurant too- nothing better than a cold beer after a long day of hiking.

  10. WOW! Stunning to say the least! i love the scenes...gorgeous! i bet you r having a blast despite the leg aches:) xo

  11. The photos look so amazing! This seems like a definite stop on this epic U.S. road trip I continually plan in my head. I think I'd go for the jalapeno beer alone! It does sound kind of weird, but funny things work with beer sometime. I tried a chipotle beer once and LOVED it!

  12. Wow Zion is beautiful!! Reminds me of the Matrix movies that name. Those mountains are something else! I might be going to Arizona later this year, maybe I'll take a trip of the four corners too!!! Have fun! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  13. Oh my! I just love these photos and your trip sounds amazing! I saw the movie 127 hours and so want to go out to that region. I visited the Grand Canyon almost 2 decades ago and so want to do a road trip around that area. Thanks for sharing these awesome photos.

    Glad you're having a great time!
    p.s. love fish tacos too! So delicious! Miss them.

  14. Sounds amazing! But, be careful!!!! Please. Oh, and I love fish tacos too - I had them in Mexico and they were so yummy.

  15. looks so fun! gotta love those warning signs too. scary stick figures;)

  16. So pretty! Looks like such a great time!

  17. Hi Vanessa, Just looked at your lovely pictures of Sante Fe and other delights. Sounds like you had a fabulous time...and fish tacos sound yummy! Must've been lovely to get a good dose of sunshine. Lots of love to you sweet niece xoxo caroline

    1. This is definitely a topic that's close to me so Im happy that you wrote about it. I'm also happy that you did the subject some justice. Not only do you know a great deal about it,


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