Women and Yoga

Yoga is definitely an important part of my life. It's probably the only official form of exercise I get (aside from climbing up and down the hospital stairs a million times a day at work).
So I am intrigued by this new documentary "Yogawoman" all about yoga and women... how women have transformed yoga from a practise traditionally designed for men into a female-dominated multi-billion dollar industry.
Here's the trailer...

so what do you think?


  1. This trailer is really interesting and I cant wait to see the whole documentary. It really speaks about important issues and its a must see if you ask me:) Happy Thursday, darling. What a fantastic post! Thank you:)

  2. I totally want to see this film- what a great trailer- Yoga has changed my life in so many ways- It connected me to all the good things that have happened in my life-
    I love the line- Yoga helps women cut through the drama! So true- I'm going to do some stretches.

  3. I think I would fall over trying out those moves.
    A once early riser at the gym by 6 am not less then 4 days a week has dwindled to lifting the coffee pot is exercise.

  4. this looks very interesting. I have a hard time with the claim that yoga will give you inner peace, but I do believe that it can help you de-stress, feel better about yourself and be more calm and connected.

    I'm definitely interested in seeing this documentary.

  5. This would be so very interesting to see! I love yoga and am a daily practioner. Yoga has helped me immensely. It disturbs me though that it has become such a big industry here in the west.

  6. Oh Cool! I'm recently embracing yoga and now I understand why people went so nuts for it. =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  7. wow, this looks like a great documentary, thanks for the tip! My yoga practice has really changed the way I see myself and how I interact with the world...all for the better. Always evolving.

  8. I've just started doing yoga - and it's definitely more up my alley than going to the gym!

  9. I've practiced yoga on and off but not consistently. I actually have a groupon that I bought and never cashed in. I'm totally going to use it before it expires this month. It looks like a doc I would be interested in..."the dusty slums of Kenya" turned me off a bit I must say.

  10. interesting doco. i wrote about a similar theme in my masters thesis.

    though sometimes i find yoga studios to be clique-y, practicing my stretching and breathing has been one of the only things to help heal the deep loss of someone very close to me this week. nice to know it's helped so many others as well.


Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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