You are not stuck in traffic, you ARE traffic!

Here's some food for thought for you....

I love this print. 
Wouldn't it make an awesome billboard on the highway?!

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  1. geez. I would soo turn up some tunes and enjoy the jam!

  2. p.s. thank you for visiting my blog.. I am also a follower of you, now. and not just because your following me, because I have sifted through some posts, and I love your endearing spirit.

  3. Ugh. I am thankful everyday that I can ride my bike to work. I would completely breakdown if I willingly chose to be in that traffic every day.

    Go bikes!

  4. That last photo is crazy- i would surely have an anxiety attack if I was stuck in that!

  5. Glad you included a picture of LA at the top. So true. I'm a proud bus and metro rider who only drives a couple times a month :)

  6. I never thought of it this way. Love it!

  7. I'm with the southern hostess.. I NEVER NEVER NEVER thought of it this way. That means I've been "traffic" for the past ten years!

  8. Wow...that last photo is cool...I walk or bike everywhere..I find that easier and more fun:) Kisses and hugs, darling

    Ps: I need that print:) So lovely

  9. This is so true; living in S. FL makes it difficult especially if you live in the burbs like I do, however I broke free (not to ride a bike) but to work from home almost 6 month ago and loving it :) Found you through "A tast of T" blog and now following, thanks for all that you share.
    ♥ Noemi


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