Every Day is Earth Day + a little moment of contemplation...

I've been thinking a lot about the earth today.... after all it is Earth Day. 
And I've been thinking about "the three R's"...  
we all do a lot of recycling, 
and we're pretty good at re-using too.... 
but I think the most important 'R' is the one we're all the worst at... Reducing. 
We all need to reduce our consumption.
Big time.
I need to too.
That's how we can make the biggest impact as individuals, even if it's not easy.
This is my goal on this lovely earth day.


  1. Wow, I totally would have let that one go by. Thanks for reminding me. Time for a little gratitude...

    Just a Silhouette

  2. How funny- I posted the same quote today- happy earth day!

  3. Beautiful post! Every day is Earth Day yes!
    Happy day and happy Easter too :)

  4. Happy earth day! Beautiful photos :)

  5. Love that proverb. Happy earth day! Gonna plant a tree?

    Today my mission is to enjoy the fruits of the earth- a delicious florida orange and some strawberries!


Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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