I wish I had known about "International Pillow Fight Day" three days ago!

Apparently April 2nd is International Pillow Fight Day.
It's celebrated in over 130 cities worldwide. 
How did I not know about this?

 Here are some pictures from around the globe...
In Zurich...
In Trafalgar Square, London...
 In Warsaw, Poland...
 In Fovam Square, Budapest...
In Manhattan...
and even in Bulgaria...
What a fantastic mess!

(although I must admit, it does look a bit scary... I wouldn't want to be trapped in the middle of that!)


  1. I need to prep ahead of time next year. I've always wanted to take part but never remember until the week after it's happened. FUN!

  2. that would be my worst nightmare- along with the running of the bull.

  3. when i missed the party last year, i promised to attend -- i can't believe i missed it yet again! :)

  4. Ha! I think Montréal would have done well! ;)

  5. This might be one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

  6. My friends took part in Budapest! It looks so fun:) happy Wednesday, my dear

    Ps: I’m hosting a super fun 3 winners GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in :)

  7. i went to the one in Amsterdam when i was living there. maybe i should dig up a pic for you to add to your already lovely list :)

  8. How was this not huge news?! Hahah! I've never heard of this before... weeeird celebration!

  9. we were shopping in Union Square on Saturday and ran into this mess, it was true chaos. I did not understand it. But some people were armed with serious pillow - one in the shape of a medieval torture instrument. It was like the swordfighters at Tam Tams but with pillows....and less creepy.


Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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