Weekend Moments: Montreal loves Springtime

It really felt like spring this weekend. The sun was shining, the streets were filled with un-coated people, and a warm spring breeze was blowing through the city. It was an all-around gorgeous weekend in Montreal.

It was so warm, in fact, we opened our car sunroof for the first time this year.

Saturday morning was all about sleeping in and fresh coffee.... 

 A friend from Toronto was staying with us, so we had to buy some traditional Montreal bagels for breakfast. It's always fun to watch them being made.

And speaking of Montreal food....
Here's a little sampling of the things we ate this weekend...
Sushi at this new Montreal restaurant, Afghani cuisine from here, and a deliciously nutritious vegan lunch from my favourite Aux Vivres.

All in all it was a glorious spring weekend in the city!
 I hope your weekend was bright & sunny too!


  1. I think uncoated people are happy people :)

  2. Oh my gosh, this post is hitting me hard with nostalgia... How I miss Mtl Bagels and the BLT @ Aux Vivres made my life. Such good food there.. and @ the Khyber Pass too! Ah! Yum! Thanks for the walk down memory lane...
    Just a Silhouette

  3. I know uncoated people are happy people!

  4. This is a dreamy post. Montreal is such a delightfully European city and I just adore spring in this cozy city. Ah the flowers and coffee. xx

  5. I need to go there in the summer - I always seem to go in winter!

  6. that I love cheese graffiti is hilarious.
    This post makes me hungry for Sushi and some aux vivres. I've been spending all my weekends in Sutton to take advantage of the last of the snow so I haven't really been enjoying Montreal spring. (weekdays don't count, they're too hectic)

  7. Your weekend sounds wonderful. There is nothing like truly emerging from winter.


  8. Wooot!! i made it into my fav blog, as the "friend from Toronto"!
    Those bagels were way too delicious. I must confess, I ate another half bagel on my walk to the conference. So good.

    I hope you escaped the snow that we got last night in Ontario and it's still Spring in Montreal! xo

  9. So glad that the spring is here and those photos are amazing. Im totally smitten with the bagel-making photos. So cool! Happy Monday, sunshine

  10. Ah your photos are awesome, our city is so beautiful :) I love Khyber Pass!! I haven't seen any flowers blooming in my area but it won't be long until all the flowers start to show their faces soon. Have a wonderful week, I can't wait until your next post!
    Natasha xx

  11. such the perfect weekend. i'm so happy for the beginning of spring too!!!! xoxo

  12. montreal has special bagels??? you're just sellin and sellin me!! (oh also, our friends just got a job there so we have connections!!)


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