New York City Highlights - EATALY

 If you don't already know it, EATALY is an incredible high-end market/grocery store that sells all the best Italian foods: coffees, cheeses, meats, wines, chocolates, pastries etc etc. It's the perfect place to buy supplies for a picnic. 
Which is exactly what we did this past Saturday. 

The only problem was that we weren't the only ones with this idea. 
Eataly, amazing as it was, was CRAZY busy! I do not recommend going there on a Saturday at noon, on Memorial Day weekend... what a zoo!

Nonetheless, I was very impressed, and everything we sampled tasted phenomenally good.

 It was so hot in NYC this weekend, everyone was out picnicking and sunbathing. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the city.
 oh and the gelato at Eataly was AMAZING too!


  1. My friend have been and love it. Now I must stop by there and try out there food. Looks like you had a lovely time here! Cheers

  2. Looks so wonderful, the food, the park and the weather. I am so jealous! Its cold here and i spent all weekend studying.

    P.s the cups photo is so cute, makes me want a nice strong coffee

  3. Looks and sounds amazing. What a fun city day :)

  4. yum! a great sneak peak inside eataly. i still haven't been there - mostly because I've been wary of the crowds - but I will definitely have to check it out soon :)

  5. great photos
    I hope you had a good time :)

  6. ohh I want to come visit NYC and eat here sooo badly. And it's good weather there??? Thoroughly jealous.
    PS. photo share post coming up this wednesday! hint. hint;)

  7. Great post!
    I'm kinda getting hungry right now..

  8. That sounds like a fantastic day and I love those photos. Picnic, ice cream and good coffee..Heaven! Kisses and hugs


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