There's nothing like a lazy Saturday

Montreal is misty and rainy today, and I've been curled up on my couch watching movies. Sometimes doing nothing is the most rewarding thing in the world.
I hope you have a magnificent weekend, and I'll be back on Monday : )

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  1. your saturday morning sounds absolutely perfect! especially for a drizzly day! i went with a friend and her family to a local kite festival today. and it was a very grey day.

    omg. that melted junk art is so awesome!!!!

    enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  2. I really have to get to Montreal one of these years! Your day sounds perfect to me....I sort of did the same ;) It was dreary weather here as well.
    I love the Seychelles line of shoes, too!

  3. hi there. nice to find your place.

    wet weekends spent watching films or curling up with a book are wonderful.

  4. I LOVE that video! Who is that chick? I kind of want to be her friend... gotta look her up now : ) happy weekend!

  5. Sounds like a lovely saturday!

  6. i had a deliciously lovely lazy saturday also. after spending a stressful month in ontario prepping my house for sale, then 2 weeks of company i needed a DAY. raining in PEI also and chilly, so i watched 2 anne of green gables movies. LOVE your blog

  7. Truly adore both of those photos and it's been raining here all weekend long:) Have a great day, sunshine


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