Congrats to my French-speaking husband!

As many of you know, Quebec is a French-speaking province. I've always thought of it as a blessing - that I was born in a bilingual city and had the opportunity to learn another language. But my husband is from Toronto, and he came to Montreal with very little knowledge of French. 

Over the years of his medical training he managed to learn enough French to function in the hospitals. But just about a month ago we found out unexpectedly that he had to pass a French qualifying exam - or else we would not be able to practice medicine here and would have to leave Quebec! And it gets worse - the exam is no easy feat - it has a pass rate of only 38%!

So my poor husband has been under a crazy amount of stress - not only were we in the middle of studying for our medical licensing exams, but he had to take intensive French lessons on the side, as well as continuing to work full-time in the hospital.

Anyway all this to say that somehow he managed, and we found out yesterday that he passed the exam! He worked so hard for this and I feel ridiculously proud of him.

I also feel hugely relieved  - I wasn't quite ready to leave this province.


  1. I am beyond impressed!!! Congrats :)

  2. so impressed by that! big congrats!

  3. that is great news- I went to French Immersion my whole life- and my husband speaks (a little) French but now that we're in the US he has to learn medical spanish-

  4. Congrats to your husband, that is truly a wonderful feat! I'm waiting on a visa at the moment and understand the stress of potentially relocating your whole life if you don't "pass" the test. I hope you guys are celebrating!

  5. Yay!!!!! Way to go Adrien!!! What a smarty pants:) I had no doubt...

  6. Awesome! What great news, congratulations!


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