Beautiful Kate's Beautiful Wedding

Of course Kate Moss's wedding was breathtakingly beautiful (would you expect any less?). I love that she had teepees set up for the kids to play in. Adorable.

photos via vogue.com


  1. i also love that they all had their hair down....casual but sensual....

  2. I wonder if part of the criteria in being in the wedding party is that you have to be naturally gorgeous. Or a model. Seriously, these photos are amazing!

  3. so beautiful! i love her dress, and always wanted to have lots of flowers in everybody's hair for my wedding... maybe i'll have a real dressup wedding someday and we'll call it a recommitment ceremony.

  4. Yeah. Pretty flawless! I love the photo with KM and all the girls. They look like such ethereal things, little nymphs.
    Oh I finally figured out how to do the iphoto thing! Thank you!
    Hope you're enjoying MTL!

    Just a Silhouette

  5. Also, how many teenage girls will grow up wanting an English wedding after KM, the Duchess and Lily Allen? LOL

  6. I'm getting married in less than 8 weeks, and I'm drawn to all types of wedding pictures right now!

  7. Gorgeous! In love with everything about this shoot – the beautiful bride, the styling and most of all the flowers. So original. Well done!


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