Just a little bit in love with Florence Welch

Honestly. I'm completely smitten with her. She has a new album coming out November 7th and I'm so excited. The first single, What The Water Gave Me, is out and it's everything I hoped for... moody, dramatic, romantic, tortured... I just can't get enough of her incredible voice.

Have a listen....


  1. She's is just so naturally beautiful inside and out.

  2. I saw her in concert last spring...she blew me away. I didn't think Lungs could get better, but It was unbelievable. Can't wait until her new album!


  3. So am i! I love her! Saw her in Melbourne last year, her concert was amazing. Just wonderful memories.

  4. I love her too - I watched her live once and I was just mesmerized. She's incredible. Great music!

  5. i discovered her in january of 2010 when my mom was in the hospital. her music got me through that time. so talented.

    xo Alison

  6. Ah, Florence. She is amazing. Tortured is at times a great way to describe her.

    Is this weird? This song has been blowing up all over Melbourne over the past few weeks, and it reminded me of a few of your music features. It takes a full listen to really warm up.
    Gotye f/ Kimbra:


Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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