Solar storms are the best kind of storms!

Living in the far north has inspired my new found love of astronomy. 
Every day I check the space weather website to see if I'll get to see any auroras at night. 

This past Tuesday we witnessed one of the craziest light shows you could ever imagine. According to my trusty space weather site, a coronal mass ejection (a huge blast of solar wind) hit the earth, causing the incredible swirling auroras we got to see.

This is what it looked like right above our little apartment...

 The colours were so intense, and my neighbours and I just stood there in complete awe looking up, as the lights whirled across the sky at incredible speed... I wish I had taken a video instead. Photographs really don't do it justice.

And after about 20 minutes, it all just disappeared, and it was just a normal night sky again...
but honestly, I can't stop thinking about it!

Next time I'll take a video to share with you all : )


  1. Amazing photos! I love reading about your life up north!

    xo, Anna of :green gable:

  2. oh how amazing! *sigh* to see an aurora is definitely on my bucket list.

  3. These are the coolest photos ever! Like straight out of a sci-fi movie!

  4. Ridiculously amazing! I can't believe that is painted in our night sky. Now I want to take a bit of a trip north-ward.

  5. Oh man, I was aching to go up and see the northern lights while in Sweden last year, but I couldn't make it. It's on my bucket list, for sure.

  6. WOW!
    So beautiful!

    It's funny to me that only certain geographical locations see those kind of spectacular light shows...we are the unlucky ones I suppose!

  7. I spent a couple years living in the bush of the Yukon and the northern lights were the most amazing there too....i can still see them moving across the night sky....great pics...takes me right back...i love the is so close to our beginnings....ow ow owhoooooo! have to howl at the northern lights....

  8. amazing!! I am quite speechless, the pictures are breathtaking!! would love to see something like this one day myself!! nature at its best!!

  9. you are so lucky to get these shots :D if it was me, i would just be there standing in awe! this is really nice!

  10. that's amazing. I'd love to see something like that myself one day!

  11. Just catching up on your recent posts... and so glad I looked back far enough to see this. Amazing! I can't even imagine how cool it looked in person!


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