Lately up north... Searching for beauty in the bleakness

Let's face it, November is kind of a dreary month no matter where you are in the world... but it feels especially so up here.
I've been told that the skies will be grey and overcast until the bay freezes around mid-December. But I'm having a hard time with that... I already really miss the sun!

I just finished a 24hour shift at the hospital, and to my delight it was beautiful out. Light snow falling, cracks of bright blue sky visible between the clouds... no direct sunshine but I'll take it!  I've been so deprived that I'm rather easily pleased these days.

So I walked around town in my dreamy, sleep-deprived state and for the first time in weeks things started to look beautiful to me again.


  1. These are breathtaking! I want to be there for Christmas.

  2. Simply beautiful! Can't believe its already snowing! It was 80 here today!

  3. That grey stuff you speak of - we have it here in Vancouver for a good part of our winter. And for the first few years I lived here - I really let it bother me a lot. And then I realized I was always a bit low - and I could no longer let the weather affect me or I would be swallowed up. I now ignore the weather completely - it's a survival tactic :). Even though we have relatively warm winters in comparison to most (here in Canada) - the sun is very sparse and it can really take a toll. My advice is to ignore the weather completely (be it dark, grey, rany, snowy, cold). I have now found I actually don't like it too sunny - haha - or too warm. It's funny how things happen. Anyway - just my two cents worth. Lovely photos. (Sorry so long-winded). : )

  4. Thanks Jan for the advice... I'm going to have to learn to ignore the bad weather if I'm going to survive up here. oxo

  5. i can feel the silence...much beauty in that....

  6. Your photos are beautiful Vanessa! I understand your dislike of the dreary. I am not good with it either. We have been so lucky here, this November has been an extended fall, with temps in the mid teens all month. But, it feels eery, it feels wrong.
    How is life at the hospital? Are you enjoying the work aspect of life in the North?
    Lots of love,

  7. 24 hour shift... you're a superstar. Love the photos. November IS bleak everywhere. It'll just mean that when spring gently emerges from the soil it'll be that much sweeter.

  8. These are beautiful but I really adore November. I love the changing of the leaves ;)


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