New in Music....

The beautiful french Quebecois singer Coeur de Pirate has a new album out, Blonde. It's lovely.
Have a little listen below...
Coeur de pirate || Teaser Adieu from Dare To Care Records on Vimeo.

Next we have something a little more festive...

It's no secret how crazy I am about Christmas, and I just adore She & Him... so I'm thrilled to see this album released:

If you like She & Him, and if you like holiday music, you should definitely buy this album.
It's really good!

And now something a little sweet & sombre....

The soundtrack to the film, Norman.
The mostly instrumental music by Andrew Bird is absolutely beautiful. I especially love his song Night Sky (which you can download here).
Here's the trailer:

And of course, there's Ceremonials by Florence + The Machine (I've probably talked about this album enough already).

To be honest, I had such high expectations for this album, but at first listen there were no songs that really grabbed me.... but this is an album that has totally grown on me, and I absolutely love it now. In fact I love it more with each listen. It's definitely worth buying.

Here's Shake It Out:


  1. nice- I love finding new music to listen to.

  2. My mom broke out the Christmas music over the weekend. Thanks for the great recommendations!

  3. I haven't had the time to pick up the albums of She & Him, Coeur de Pirate and Florence...

  4. how did i not know about a new florence album out? I completely agree, she is definitely one of those artist you love after a few listens. I've heard shake it out a few times on my internet radio and I do love it. Can't wait to hear the rest tho. She needs to come to montreal soon. That voice gives me goose bumps.

  5. I haven't been able to get that Florence song out of my head for the last few weeks. I heard it on the radio when I got off work yesterday and I cranked it up LOUD. SO. GOOD!


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