It's a real Northern Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
We arrived safely back up north on Friday,
 just in time to experience our first real northern Christmas.

On Christmas Eve morning we snowshoed deep into the woods to find our tree....

We opted for a little scraggly guy, since we had to carry him home ourselves (and to be honest, all the trees up here are a little scraggly anyway).

And guess who we ran into on the way back home from getting our tree? 
A herd of reindeer!

No doubt they were getting ready for their big night up ahead : )

We decorated  our scraggly little tree as best as we could, with the few ornaments we brought up with us from Montreal, and I made a star out of tinfoil and wire : )

And we exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve (in honour of my European family's tradition).
The hubby gave me this beautiful snowflake necklace to represent our new life up north. 
Isn't that so sweet?!

It was a quiet Christmas, just the two of us, but it was magical just the same.

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday too.


  1. Wow, I've always wanted to have a white Christmas. It looks beautiful up there!
    Have a wonderful day! Merry Christmas!!!

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  2. Your holiday seems quiet and cozy! Love the tree. Happy Christmas, friend
    : )

  3. We miss you guys soooooo much, Christmas has not been the same without you!!! So happy to see you had such a magical holiday this year despite the distance. Merry Christmas sibs/cozs we love you both very much - Sean, Natalie, Nicole and Joey

  4. Your Christmas looks amazing! That necklace is beautiful and so sweet :)

  5. Snow AND reindeer? Absolutely perfect x

  6. We really missed you both especially at the dinner table. As usual sooooo much food and we didn't have Adrien to clean up!!! We really loved reading about all your Christmas adventures - so cool re reindeer. Love you both, Mom, Dad, Aunty Corinne, Uncle Johmny, Noelle, Cara.

  7. This very cool of yours Christmas tree idea If i have chance to try it i would ..... love it cute ; D

  8. So magical! Love the drum ornament too! Happy Holidays to both of you Vanessa!

  9. how lovely! what could be more perfect than seeing reindeer on your way home from getting your own tree.


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