Green Pancakes with Lime Butter: not your average brunch food!

My lovely cousin made this exquisite brunch for us on her last visit from the UK, and I've been meaning to share it with you for a while now.
This is a very unique and very delicious recipe. Perfect for brunch with foodie friends. They are savoury pancakes (not the typical sweet ones)... and yes, the pancakes are green (from the spinach), but believe me they taste incredible!!

The lime butter is also outrageously good, and the leftover butter tastes amazing on all kinds of veggies (I'm thinking sweet potato... that's some serious yum!).

She served them alongside avocado slices wrapped in smoked salmon... also amazing!

Read on for the recipe....


The lovely Emma Watson models her own Line

People Tree & Emma Watson's third collaboration in fair-trade clothing.... and the results are gorgeous!


Wherever You Go, Whatever You Do, Have Yourself a Wonderful Weekend!

(picture taken at Cape Point, South Africa)

But before you go, here are some links for your weekend...
  • I don't know, there's just something about this photo that has me mesmerized. 
  • I'm seriously craving these homemade samosas
  • Loving this new ethical/sustainable clothing line, Rambler's Way, from the makers of Tom's of Maine toothpaste.
  • I seriously want to make every single recipe from this special edition Gourmet magazine.
  • Oh and listen to this fabulous new song from PJ Harvey's new album, Let England Shake...

Have a fabulous weekend!


JC and I - We're Both in the Mood for Spring!

Ok I need to go shopping now. Ok really, I need to go to work. But wow. I'm in love. Please, spring, come soon!

Images from J Crew's March 2011 catalog


New Music: Snowblink

I just discovered Snowblink. Her voice is absolutely enchanting. 
Have a listen...

You can listen to the new album Long Live here.

Fushi: Some of the best sushi in Montreal

Last night we had the pleasure of trying out Montreal's newest sushi restaurant, called Fushi, which opened about 2 months ago. To make a long story short, we were completely blown away. 
It was delicious.
We ordered a wide selection of very unique rolls and each one was incredible. I honestly couldn't pick a favourite. 
(The pictures are a little funny because of the dim lighting, but you get the idea)

 And of course we had to save room for the dessert sushi (rice paper rolls of vanilla ice cream and deep fried bananas)... they were AMAZING!
Once you have good sushi like this, there's just no going back.

Fushi is located at 1112 Sherbrooke Street West in Montreal. If you are in the area, you should definitely check this place out.


..........Serious Cuteness in the Kitchen..........

I've decided to go on a virtual shopping spree for my kitchen.  
And I've completely fallen in love with the adorable accessories from Anthropologie (big surprise, right?!). Here's what I've picked out...

This sweet embroidered tea towel  (which I've been in love with ever since I saw it here)
 and this dainty cake stand...
a textured table runner...
 these unique measuring cups (or should I say measuring mugs)
 this stylish apron...
 these formal silverware measuring spoons....

 ..... and a wide selection of funky serving bowls. 
I'm under the firm belief that one can never own enough serving bowls!
Cooking is so much more enjoyable when the materials you use to make and serve your food in make you smile.

All images from Anthopologie


weekend moments: Night skating, exotic fruit, and other adventures

How was your weekend, folks? Mine was a little adventurous.
Starting with this strange looking fruit that I found at the grocery store and felt impelled to buy. Turns out it's called a "dragon fruit" or pitaya... I guess it's kind of like a pink kiwi. I love trying new fruit!

On Saturday we braved the cold and hiked over Mt Royal to Beaver Lake to go night skating.
 To my surprise, we weren't the only crazy ones enjoying the freezing cold mountain on a Saturday night. I love Montreal for that.
It certainly wasn't warm, and we didn't stay out too long, but it was beautiful.

On Sunday morning I had a few friends over for a ladies only brunch... and we pigged-out for hours!

Then I spent the rest of my sunday reading on the couch... don't you just love the weekend?!


Have a gorgeous sun-shiny weekend!

 Today was beautiful.
I'm feeling much better.
 And spring feels closer than ever now.

Fridays... and a little bit of sunshine... always make me happy.

And a few other things that make me happy....
this little video about Paris, these passion prints, this dress, and the entire Spring line from Save The Queen!

And now I leave you with a lovely new song from Lykke Li.
Have a gorgeous weekend!


Sombre & Blue

 It was 5 degrees today - that's practically tropical for Montreal in February. 
And I should have been happy, but I wasn't. 
It was just one of those days. 

But I forced myself out of my cloud of self-pitty and out of my apartment to go for a walk. It was the last thing that I felt like doing but I knew I had to do it. 
And as I walked through the dirty melting snow and rain and overcast skies, I saw beautiful sights, and I somehow felt better. Sometimes a change of scenery is really all it takes to cure a bad mood. 


For the love of beautifully crafted timber...

If I had to pick a favourite 'material' it would undoubtedly be wood. There is something so soulful about it. Perhaps I'm biased because my father is a woodworker in his spare time. He made all our furniture growing up. 
I've never been drawn to that metal/industrial design style.... even though it can look uber cool, that could never be me. I guess I'll always be a country girl, and beautifully crafted woodwork will always have my heart!
That's why I'm smitten with the gorgeous craftsmanship of Gray Works Design. I want to eat breakfast off of one of these beauties everyday!

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