Oh the joys of coming home from the arctic...

I love coming home.

I love the contrast of the leaving the remoteness and foreignness of the north, 
and arriving in the bright city lights of downtown Montreal.

It feels like crossing the entire world.

I love our little 'back-in-the-city' ritual that we do immediately upon arrival in our downtown apartment...
      1. Fix a drink (up north we live in a dry native community). 
      2. I read the latest Vogue magazine (so I can feel like a city-girl again), while the hubby catches up missed Jon Stewart videos.
      3. Then we order-in the best take-out sushi we can find. 
      4. And finally we rent a video off itunes and stream it on the laptop (this is a novelty because the internet up north is worse than dial-up)

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE living in the north...
but I definitely love coming home too!


  1. It looks like you made the most of things!

  2. How interesting! The photos from both places look gorgeous.

  3. I can imagine! :-)

    That sushi looks sooooo good btw!

    X Mandy

  4. Sounds like fun! Have a great holiday.

  5. Sounds great! And this sushi looks yummy!!

  6. Sounds like a good back to the city routine! Your northern life really makes you appreciate the luxuries of city living! So are you keeping your apartment in Montreal the whole time you're living up north?

  7. i watched a few episodes of the new tv show arctic air on line for the scenery and immediately thought of you


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