Dear March, we welcome you with open arms

This quote feels so true on this March morning.
When I look out my window, the light has changed... it's brighter and inviting, 
and it feels like Spring.
But then I step out, it's still very much winter outside.

At least it's March now, 
and change is in the air...


  1. Beautiful layers of yellow and pink. We're having a bit of a snowstorm this morning in Montreal but change is in the air yes. xx

  2. beautiful quote and photos! we're having a gray and rainy start to march here in nyc, but i feel the same way -- at least february is over, and april - spring, yeehaaa! - is right around the corner.

  3. This is beautiful! The quote, the pictures, spingtime, ... everything!

    In my family we have this tradition of saying 'Bonjour Mars! (Hello March) on March 1st. It brings luck :p

    Happy March!

  4. Dickens always makes me stop and think. Even in the simplicity of his narrative, it catches my heart.

  5. that's a beautiful quote, and very fitting. I'm so glad March is finally here :)

  6. I always think about that quote this time of year! It's so incredibly apt. It definitely feels like summer out there today but winter in the shade. In like a lion.

  7. I really like that quote and those photos are truly dreamy:) I cant want for spring. Muah, sweetie

  8. This quote feels so true indeed! Lovely post :)


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