Guess who's back? Mr. Don Draper.

After almost a two-year absence, Mad Men is finally back!

I wonder if I'll still like it after this long?
I vaguely remember DD getting engaged to a Montrealer in the season 4 finale, but otherwise it's kind of a blur.

I used to loved watching it for the 60s wardrobes.
...I'm guessing that I probably still will.
Did you watch Mad Men?

Anyway here's the trailer....


  1. the sets and costumes were such triggers for very early childhood memories for me:)

  2. I've never watched this but a guy I work closely with at work is OBSESSED, so I may have to check it out!

    Charlotte xx

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  3. I started watching the seasons on Netflix and then I couldn't stop myself! I'm so glad I finished season 4 in time for the new season to begin. I'm obsessed! (although, I wish I would have finished it just a little bit slower. It feels like I have so long to wait now! I can't imagine having had to wait almost two years!)

  4. I can't tell you how excited I am! Yes, he was engaged to a girl from Montreal. The shows are currently running on AMC, on Sundays (3am-5am).

  5. I have never seen it (I know!) but I do love the fashion. I just don't watch television but I'm considering renting the DVD's and watching from start to finish.

  6. I am just like Idle Wife above....watched it on ROKU & was totally hooked..... I kind of went into withdrawal when I finished it....This is good news!! I can't wait to see what comes next!! The sets & costumes are so nostalgic for me.

  7. I love mad men and definitely experienced don draper withdrawal after the last season ended! i don't have cable now so might have to wait till it's on netflix. bummer...

  8. CRAZY goosebumps from watching that trailer. So excited for more Don Draper!


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