Night Skiing Under the Moon and Stars

The other night we went cross-country skiing at night, under an almost-full moon and a clear starry sky.
It was magnificent!

And as if it wasn't magical enough already, there was a faint shimmer of northern lights on the horizon, guiding our way.

 The forest is incredibly serene at night. 
And to my surprise I felt peaceful, and not at all afraid like I expected to be.
 (all the bears are hibernating now anyway, thankfully!)
The only sound to be heard was that of our skies gliding through the icy snow.

Night skiing has become my new favourite activity up here in the north.

I wish you all could have seen how beautiful it was.

ps: this last picture was a total accident, but it turned out pretty cool. My camera wasn't properly secured on my tripod and it was gradually slipping as the picture was taking. 
Isn't that a happy mishap?


  1. Oh goodness! These photos are absolutely incredible! I have always wanted to go night skiing. There's something so liberating about it. You always have the best nighttime photos. Gorgeous!

  2. I don't think it would have even occured to me, to go skiing at night. looks beaufiful, tho. not sure I'd feel comfortable doing it, the silly little city girl in me would get scared :)

  3. stunning photos. and what a beautiful way to spend time. so quiet and peaceful.

  4. That's it; I must visit where you live :p
    So beautiful out there

  5. Wow! It's beautiful!

  6. wow, the skies up there are magical. gorgeous photos, and i love the last one - a happy mishap indeed. so cool!

  7. Wow...that looks like so much fun. How romantic! Wish I could join you one day:) Have a wonderful and super cozy day, sweetie. xo

  8. Look at that sky! What an amazing little adventure!


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