Visiting The Tiny Coastal Villages Up North

Yesterday we boarded a tiny propeller plane and flew out to a small coastal village to help out at the local nursing station, because they hadn't had a doctor there in months.

I really do love exploring the north. The landscape excites me. 
It's so barren, and deserted, and foreign.

This tiny green building is the grocery store... good luck trying to find fresh vegetables here!

And tomorrow we are back in Montreal for a week.
I wish you a glorious weekend, and lots of warm spring weather!


  1. i was wondering what you and/or your partner do to help out at these remote nursing stations

  2. So remote and beautiful! It's great that you get to explore and help people at the same time. Maybe next you should go help on a medical boat in some tropical area!

  3. Wow! What a life you have! That is the smallest town ever- so glad you guys get to help! And that grocery store? That is crazy small!


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