Shopping for the Boys....

 My second favourite part of flipping through a new J Crew catalog is the Mens section.
love J Crew for men!

I want to buy everything for the hubby. 
Some of the outfits I know he'd never wear, but I can't help but think how good he would look it them : )
I shouldn't complain though, he already owns a lot of J Crew stuff (thanks to me and my mother-in-law).

 I love their preppy yet rugged feel.

(The male models are pretty easy on the eyes too)

All photos J Crew April 2012


  1. So snazzy and adorable. I LOVE that purple sweater. Have a wonderful Easter weekend, sweetie

  2. Sean loves JCrew more than most things in life. I think he might own the entire Winter collection. I am NOT complaining =)

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Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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