Pregnant at the beach - What to wear?

Next week we will be celebrating 4th of July at the beach in LBI with my in-laws.
I'm super excited about it, but have no clue what kind of bathing suit to wear now that I'm 5 months pregnant.

What do you think? What would/did you wear?

Pregnant celebrities all seem to proudly flaunt their bellies and wear bikinis. 
The obvious advantage is that you don't have to buy a special "maternity swimsuit" that you may never wear again. The celebs all look amazing, but I'm afraid I'd feel very exposed.

Or do you go with something more reserved (and do you think, a little boring?), like a maternity one-piece or tankini? Like these from A Pea in the Pod... 

What do you think?
I need advice!


  1. Whoa, one-pieces aren't boring at all! Wear what you like best, I'd say, but I suggest/looove the white and blue (grey?) one-piece above in the top right of the Pea in the Pod pix.

  2. One piece! They're not boring (to me, at least) and you don't have to worry about things slipping and sliding around. AND you'll feel more confident being a bit more covered up.

  3. You have to at least TRY the bikini and see how you feel!!!! Your bump is still so cute and compact, it might not make you feel as exposed as you think...thats my bet at least. I say bring both and if you feel good in both then we'll have to have a fashion show and help you decide :)

  4. As long as you are comfortable - bikini! In 20 years you'll look back and wish you had ;-)

  5. Also you can do much better than those last two Pea in the Pod one-pieces Vanessa (the first two are pretty fab though).
    Let's face it, no matter what you're going to look so adorable

  6. i vote bikini
    I think you would look amazing and will really appreciate some photographs for the summer of your pregnancy. I also think that the little one will appreciate the freedom of movement and flow when you are swimming. If you start to feel exposed just throw on an adorable coverup.

  7. i just rocked a bikini when we were at the beach on vacation...but i guess it was different because we didn't know anyone and i don't need to impress mark!! i also had a cute wrap to wear over it for when i was done being brave :)

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Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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