A match made in heaven - the cookie coffee cup!

Isn't this brilliant? An edible cookie coffee cup, that is great for the environment and gives you a nice sweet bite at the end of your coffee! It's lined with a special icing sugar blend that makes the cookie cup waterproof. It's genius!


  1. haha- great idea- I don't have a very sweet tooth so I'm not sure I'd want it with my daily coffee- but to try it out- sign me up!

  2. that is hilarious, as are the promo shots! so intense :)

  3. woahhhhh that is crazy! mmmmm

  4. Gaby, I know the promo shots ARE hilarious
    - she's REALLY enjoying eating that cup ; )

  5. wow ,that's amazing ! you are so creative people . yeah ! :)

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    maybe , can you follow my blog please ? and I will follow back your blog :)
    or give your opinion in my post :)
    I don't force you :)

  6. i want to eat this now. it is quite brilliant!

  7. incredible
    i will have to share that with my baker son in law


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