Photos From a Cold and Rainy Weekend....

I have to say it was a pretty dismal weekend up here in the north, weather-wise.
It has been raining and overcast ALL week, and the forecast for the weekend was no improvement. 

So we had a lazy weekend indoors...

But it wasn't all bad... 
the rain inspired me to bake whole grain spelt bread, and make a batch of my favourite homestyle split-pea soup, and finally get around to writing all those thank you cards for my recent baby shower.

And we also just lazed around the apartment and watched movies and drank lots & lots of tea.

And just when it started to feel like we'd never see the sun again... 
on Sunday evening the rain finally stopped, and the clouds began to clear,
and hope was restored in the world once more  ; )

Happy Monday to you.


  1. We are currently feeling the wrath of Hurricane Leslie so lots of tea, movies, and snuggles with the babe are the norm around here. It's quite nice :)
    I love the first photo so so much. I miss my belly :(

  2. Cutest baby bump! And homemade bread. Oh yum!

  3. sounds like such a lovely cozy weekend:)

  4. Sometimes lazy weekends indoors are so needed and yours sounds wonderful:) Btw: your baby bump is adorable:) xo


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