Getting Crafty... DIY Caribou Coat Rack

I found these funky caribou head hooks at a decor store in Montreal and thought they would make a cool coat rack.

So I asked my handy wood-working father for some help....

He helped me sand down and varnish a board that came from one of his fallen down walnut trees (I wanted something rustic looking and I thought that the bark on this piece of wood was a perfect match).
Then we mounted the little caribou heads, and voilà a unique homemade coat rack!

 I think it turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself ; )


  1. Wow Vanessa - I love this! Reminds me of the Laurentians for some reason - in a beautiful rock cabin. -Jan (Looking forward to hearing about the baby)!

  2. A lovely way to keep part of that fallen chestnut tree as a memory.

  3. WOW, so well done! I love them:) xoxo

  4. i lOVE THIS SO MUCH! :) how are you feeling???


Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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