Golden Autumn Days...

Just a few iphone photos from our recent hikes up & down the mountain in Montreal.

I must look like quite the sight - with my gigantic belly, marching fervently and breathlessly up hill and stairs. 
(we do get a lot of smiles from passers-by)

But I'm convinced that the physical activity will encourage this little guy to make his appearance soon. And there's no place more beautiful to do this, in my opinion, than Montreal in autumn...


  1. Beautiful photos! So gorgeous. I love the belly/feet shot. So pretty and sweet. Hope you're feeling well. Soon, soon!

  2. Great photos, makes me miss the longer days when i could hike up there after work. I will definitely have to get my butt up there if the rain lets up this weekend. [and i can't believe you took the stairs while so pregnant, hopefully only on the way down!]


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